Saturday, December 31, 2011

I hope this finds each of you centered in your present moment. If not, take a deep breath, yes, right now, ~breathe in~  ~breathe out~ one more time, ~breathe in~  ~breathe out~. Welcome to the present moment.

Today's Winds of Change time began while I was talking on the phone with my mom. I was reading her the latest essay by Minimalists Josh and Ryan, The Difference a Year Can Make, which I sent to those of you on the e-mail list. My mom and I have shared our progressive steps in the evolution of consciousness for over 40 years. She is my mentor, my confidant, my mother and my friend, so it seemed appropriate that I would begin my year's end Winds of Change time with her.

After hanging up the phone, I surprisingly lingered on the Internet, re-reading the essay above, then clicking on an essay my elder sister Anne had sent me Change is Easy?!!!! about the impact a small number of people can have on a global scale. This, too, seemed to fit right in with Winds of Change and our commitment to set aside shared time in our individual lives to consciously connect.

I tuned into a beautiful song Devi Prayer - Hymn to the Divine Mother, invoking the presence of the Divine Feminine, as I mindfully walked through the rooms of the house, aware of the "presents" of each of you, lighting candles, then returning to the living room to light a stick of Devotion incense.

I've compiled a number of Tom Kenyon's sound healing songs in varying combinations which I use in meditation. As I lie down to meditate, covering my body with a beautiful gold, sea green and white shawl gifted me by my former husband Don, I listened to several chakra attunements and energy meditations to enhance my connection to higher states of consciousness and Mother Earth. 

Envisioning our combined energies as a web of light, I was able to slip into the between space of the tones that were vibrating through me, experiencing total serenity for several moments at a time as tears flowed and ebbed. As I opened my eyes out of the meditation, I gazed at the white ceiling above and through the windows to the white cloud cover and white birch trees. What I experienced in the whiteness was an expansion of my meditation to the real world, seeing with real-eyes, real-eyesing the Unity of all things. This sense stayed with me for several moments, before I rose from the floor and continued on with my day.

I would love to hear of your experiences as well, to share here on the blog, or via e-mail. Please let me know if it is all right to publicly post your response here. Namaste.