Saturday, January 28, 2012

For today's Winds of Change time, I first lit 2 incense sticks - Awareness, for myself, and Devotion, to all of you, turned on the Himalayan salt lamp, and then started a fire in the small wood burning stove, bathing the living room in a soft glow from shimmering flames and lamp light.

I sat on the floor by the wood fire, mesmerized by the play of orange flames, rising in bursts and settling into flickers, over and over, around and through different parts of the 3 igniting logs. I then lay down, knees bent, in silence, listening to the the hum of the Rinnai heater, the crackling of birch bark, and a gentle whirring of the ceiling fan blowing a warm breeze over my body. I watched through the south windows as the sky turned from sunset to stars, like magick, with mighty warrior Orion appearing ever brighter in the heavens. 

I basked in the stillness of my body, the coziness of my home, and the community of you all. As my life is enriched day-to-day, moment-to-moment, through a conscious effort to be presently aware during routine tasks at home, daily walks, commutes to and from work, work responsibilities, and communications with family and friends, I am finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and sacredness in the mundane. Lying on my living room floor, I felt part of something much bigger, beyond words.

In my contentment, I was moved to listen to several Tony Parsons' audio clips, sensing the aliveness he speaks of with humor and simplicity and directness. I contemplated separateness and Wholeness, this illusion called life, ego and the dissolution of ego, and Consciousness vs. Beingness. I realized that when I first started Winds of Change, I opened my home to weekly hour and a half group sessions in hopes that it would spark routine conversations about the very same concepts I was contemplating today. 

Perhaps it is time for me to once again try to organize discussions about the great leap in consciousness evolution, however it translates for each of us, and how each of us is navigating these forceful Winds of Change. I would love to hear if there's an interest in this, and if so, your ideas about the frequency and location of such meetings. Let me know what you think.


  1. The sharing of my WoC experience must begin with some background...

    On the day after Thanksgiving, my husband set up a tent on our local library lawn, joining the thousands of Occupiers world~wide, taking a stand for democracy, many amid frigid temperatures as was the case in our mountain community. It was a wonderful experience and led to many good interactions and a bit of media attention (google “rod house occupy la veta” for more). On reflection following his week~long occupation, Rod regretted not having instituted a daily General Assembly meeting as, without it, this Occupy was too much about him. So today, we had the first General Assembly of Occupy Huerfano County, with 35 folks attending.

    I had set my pager alarm to remind me of the start of WoC, and for the first hour of that sacred time I played the part of facilitator at this particular expression of the consciousness evolution. Rod had already given a summary of how he was led to his “one man occupation”, shared info about the Occupy movement itself and wisdom gleaned from Parker Palmer’s Healing the Heart of Democracy. When my pager went off, I was writing ideas for action on a white board as folks brainstormed. I said a quiet hello to each of you, and was reminded to hold a larger awareness within the particulars of this event.

    We ended at 4 MST, with a half hour of WoC remaining. I helped put things into the car, rushed home as I had to pee wicked bad (as some of you would say!), and spent the rest of the time putting things away, but for a quick clean of a toilet bowl sorely in need of it. While that might seem a TMI for some of you, to me it was apropos of the fact that we are being called to do ALL that we do with an awareness of the whole. Whether it’s organizing or facilitating an Occupy event or cleaning a toilet bowl, all is, indeed, one, and we one with it.

    Until next time!

  2. How wonder-full to have you "WoC" right into the first Occupy Huerfano County General Assembly, including all of us in this historic meeting. Congratulations on your meeting, and thank you for bringing us along - our reach expands to places we're not aware of, including the action of cleaning a toilet bowl. Indeed, awareness brought to every aspect of our lives brings the gift of our presence/presents to even the most mundane. It gives a whole new meaning to Tom Kenyon's reference to "being in our caca."