Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

At the onset of Winds of Change time, I was lost in the 1,000-piece moose puzzle I was making, so it was nearly 3:15 before I made conscious preparations to be with all of you. 

I lit a stick of Devotion incense, then attempted to light a tea candle set in a square glass candle holder, each face decorated with a simple brass etching of an ancient shaman standing within an upright circle. When I lit the wick, it sputtered before releasing a flame too high for the glass walls, so I impatiently blew it out, found my scissors, and trimmed the wick. Taking note of the impatience which had risen within me, I real-eyes-ed that I was hurrying to set the tone for WoC time, which had already started. I eased myself back to the present moment, as the ritual of lighting the candle became part of Woc time, and my impatience mingled with the flame and dissipated.

With the warmth of a screened, woodstove fire inside complementing the gentle, steady snowfall outside, I positioned myself on the carpeted floor, lying on my back with legs bent at the knees, and listened to the 30-minute version of The Aethos Sound Meditation. (According to one of Tom Kenyon's Hathor messages, "The Aethos (pronounced, AH-EE-THOS) is a bandwidth of consciousness anchored in pure non-duality." More simply put, it is where we can readily access the vibration of interconnectedness.)

I was quite distracted for the first 5 minutes or so, unable to reign in my wandering thoughts, surely a result of my Christmas sugar overload. I turned off the sound meditation, took a few deep breaths, centered my focus on my heart chakra, and began again. As I relaxed into my heart chakra, creating space for all of us, the area of my chest seemed to expand into a boundless emanation of soft yellow light - an infinity of glowingness. It was so soothing and peaceful that I was lulled to sleep, which I realized only at the sound of loud crack-pop-ing noises coming from the woodstove, which woke me. I re-focused, heard more loud popping, focused again, heard even more popping, and decided to pay attention, opening my eyes and turning my gaze to the blazing fire beyond the screen.

In my soothed state of awareness, the tongues of fire, leaping, flickering and dancing, reflected how we are all Fire, yet each of us, an individual Flame within that Fire. This is exactly what the Hathors had described in their message which accompanies the Aethos sound meditation:

"Some persons believe that interconnectedness is the same as 'oneness' and that as you enter higher states of consciousness and higher dimensions of being, you merge into a blob of light, in which all distinctions disappear. This is not our view. 

"Interconnection or interconnectedness is the recognition that all beings and all aspects of the cosmos are interrelated and at the same time beings have unique differences. These differences are fascinating and unique. Sometimes they are annoying, and sometimes they are enriching. But these differences are part of the tapestry of manifest reality, and they are not superfluous.

"...In our experience of ourselves through all dimensions we remain unique individuals, and the higher dimensions of our being do not obliterate our uniqueness but rather present greater opportunities for creation."

As I continued to gaze into the fire, each of us was a different tongue, a different expression, of the glow. Once the 30-minute sound session was ended, I continued to lie on the floor in silence, having several more enlightening visions before arising and sharing this with you, as I now invite you to do. I hope to hear from you! Namaste. 


  1. Mary M.December 25, 2012 4:40 PM

    Maybe it's relevant, maybe not. I just watched the first Narnia. That's my "God" movie...it makes me realize there is a God, He is helping, He is wonderful.

  2. Hello Mary.

    Of course it's relevant! I believe that whatever we do during this dedicated time is significant, and that in the sharing, it enlightens us all.

    I love the movie "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." That it uplifts you and brings you to the realization of a God is moving, powerful, and beautiful.

    Narnia is actually often described as a Christian allegory, with Aslan symbolizing Christ (see:http://www.gotquestions.org/Narnia_Lion-Witch-Wardrobe.html).

    Thank you for sharing your WoC time.

  3. Such a lovely write~up, Claire. And what a picture! I can soooo see it, all of us individual flames in a glorious bonfire that fills the universe. Thank you!

    And Mary, I KNOW it's relevant. What a magical movie that is, and one that imparts a FELT experience of that which shines through all form. I, too, am aware these days of help being offered by thousands of unseen hands, by God in many forms beyond form. We need only say "Yes!"

    As WoC began, I was finishing my snail mail letter to Claire. A fire burned in our fireplace as well. The snow that began overnight had ended and sunlight, glorious sunlight, was streaming through the windows.

    Rod and I moved to the kitchen to prepare our Christmas meal. My friend Diana's sharing of her family's choice of sushi for Thanksgiving had set me free of all Christmas dinner shoulds, allowing us to settle on... PIZZA! I prepared the gluten~free crust (highly recommend Bob's Red Mill), while Rod fried a few strips of bacon. As the yeast mixed with water, oil, eggs and flour, I marveled at those little yeasties that rise our various breads~~what magic! We grated cheese and sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, red pepper, and onion. We spoke of Claire in Maine, and all of us radiating as spokes from this central hub she's again created. Thank you!

    Assembling the ingredients on the slightly baked crust spread now with pesto (manna from heaven if ever there was such a thing!), placing it in the very hot oven, waiting as a wonderful aroma filled the house, removing it from oven and pan, placing slices on plates and carrying it to the living room to eat in front of the fire while drinking our sparkling cider (apple and pomegranate), we returned again and again to the moment, conscious of all we had.

    As we ate, I paraphrased the David Whyte poem, Enough. "Enough. These few bites are enough. If not these bites this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here. This opening to the life we have refused again and again. Until now. Until now." Rod raised his glass and offered a one~word toast. "Enough."

    Yes, it was enough. No plates full to overflowing with more calories than we need in a day, a week. No wrapping paper filling plastic bags to be thrown away or recycled. Just this~~simple, great tasting food, a fire, a warm home, a partner. Enough!

    Blessings on the next year!

  4. So holy - yeasted crust scenting the room with growth and grace; a poem prayer; warmth and bubbles. When life is Enough, we are so rich. Thank you, my friend, for sharing this wonder-filled gathering, as we all Ride the Winds of Change together. My love to you and Rod! I look forward to a snail mail letter from you, my CSS! Namaste.