Saturday, October 1, 2011

Connecting through everyday activities

This was truly a unique Winds of Change session for me, and as always I held each/all of you in my awareness throughout.

It began with a phone call from my sister Anne, which is oftentimes a dip into the Divine. Through Anne's well-honed listening skills, I was able to "Claire-i-fy" recent steps in my journey, which I described as "finally touching down" into myself - a wonderful merging of Spirit with the physical. More and more, I find myself light-filled and grounded at the same time, and it's a wonder-FULL feeling.

Once the conversation was ended, instead of entering into a deep meditation as I often do during Winds of Change, I visited my daughter Sarah's art website which is always inspiring - in~spire, an in breath, a breathing in of the miraculous. I also entered Michele Bernhardt's whimsical website to hear the monthly forecast, which for this month, is about relationship, in particular, the relationship we have with ourselves. How serendipitous, given my earlier phone conversation with my sister!

I then performed my morning stretches to an Om chant which helps me stay focused. I have faithfully repeated my stretches almost daily for several years now, so that they've become a meditation of movement and breath, very powerful.

I then returned to Michele's website as I preferred a guided meditation today. I chose Sunset at the Ocean: Remembering Your Purpose, and basked in Michele's soothing voice as she lead me through a simple yet profound full body relaxation, a mystical late day visit of release to the ocean, and an inbreathing of sun's light and angelic songs, before returning to my physical presence.

I ended our WOC time together by starting to make an organic three bean and corn soup.

As I widened my scope to include each of you during this time, my experience was enriched. I really felt our gathering energies, and I was refreshed and renewed. Thank each of you for your presents!

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