Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stretching and Meditating

The setting for Winds of Change is my living room, painted yellow, and today, dappled in sunlight shining through the 4 south-facing windows, as north winds pushed clouds across October blue skies, and rattled drying leaves on birch, aspen and oak trees.

I began the session finishing up an e-mail to my sister Anne, whose birthday is today (Happy Birthday!). I'm an avid letter-writer, but couldn't find her just the right card, so I sent her a birthday greeting from one of my favorite websites, which has an array of virtual greeting cards and promotes wildlife and the environment.
I then proceeded with my morning stretches, as I listened to the holy OM chant which is accompanied by beautiful mandalas that dissolve one into the other during the video. 

As I held various poses, I counted within, "I am that I am One, I am that I am Two, I am that I am Three....", honoring the I AM presence with each posture and gesture.

During my standing poses, I faced south and was able to see outside my windows - between trees and housetops - a glittering ocean which reflected my inner visualization of the cells of my body as essences of light. For one of the stretches, as I bent from my waist, holding my calves, elbows bent outward, I pictured myself as "Om Mane Padme Hum" ~ the Jewel in the Lotus ~ as I breathed in and out, counting.
I then lay on the floor for further stretches, stilling myself for several minutes while focusing on the spaces within and between my cells. In doing this, the concept of my body as separate from the room dissolved, and I expanded into the room and beyond, with each of you there with me, before finishing up with my exercises.

Feeling centered, I decided on a very powerful meditation The Rite of Balance found at the Children of the Sun website. This was the second in a series of 7 weekly chakra-clearing meditations, each session focused on one of the chakras, which, according to yogic tradition, are the energy centers located in alignment with the spine. 

What I especially like about this series is its synergetic reach, as today I focused on the 2nd chakra, located at the sacrum, the attribute of Balance, the Mid East, the 7 healing centers above areas in the Mid East, and the much needed restorative feminine energies of deities such as Isis, the Blessed Mother, Shakti, and others. Though I was in deep meditation, at one point, I heard my physical self crying and saying thank you aloud. Several times during the meditation, as I was aware of the web of light connecting me to myriads of others, I saw each of you as well. At the end of the meditation, as I opened my eyes and came back to my sunkissed room, I was awash in gratitude for yet another shared Winds of Change. Namaste.


  1. My WoC was again earlier than ya'lls~~I was, once again, the scout!

    I woke naturally at 5:30. Went upstairs for some morning stretches while waiting for a bit of light to come to the east. I was on the rock by 6:15 where I sat for a half hour or so, aware of Awareness in me and around me, expanding my edges until they softened, blurred, and for moments, disappeared.

    Stashed my blankets, shawl, and hat beside the rock and did an exercise walk around the lake. When I turned back at the far end to face west, the mountains were lit red by the dawn, reminding me why this stretch is called the Sangre de Cristos.

    Came home and did a bit of work, a challenge since the We Said So Insurance Company had decided I really oughta do some MORE unnecessary paperwork in my spare time. But I held onto my larger vision, acknowledging that while I continued in relationship with them, I was signing up for these types of things. (Rather adult of me, wouldn't ya say?). That episode, though, did take longer than I intended, moving into the official WoC time. I said a quick hello to you all as I hurried off to get ready for work. Just as you were finishing up, I kissed you all goodbye as I said hello to my first client of the day

    'Til next time~~

  2. Thank you for sharing your Winds of Change "scout" time, Loanne. I experience the "blurring" often during my meditation times, and am practicing it in my everyday dealings, which has a calming affect on me. This sharing of our individual experiences during or around the Winds of Change time is truly uplifting for me. Thanks again. Namaste.